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This is a summary of your courses. All Elective Courses fulfill NV Standards and State requirements. It’s also a good idea to mention that the specific requirements for materials or time commitment outside of class is important in finishing the courses.  With perseverance and reaching out to your Coach will enhance the learning experience, as well as, allow you to finish these courses in a reasonable amount of time!



CCAA Edmentum Elective Courses


CCAA Forensics Science Semester A

(1 Section)

NV-626100D1_Intro to Forensic Science_2020-2021_K Skrutvold


CCAA Introduction to Marine Biology

(1 Section)

NV351500D1-Principles of Marine Science_20-21-Skrutvold


Computer Sci & Tech Concepts

(1 Section)

NV 536100D1_Comp. Sci. & Tech. Concepts_2020-2021_A. Harper