Math Formulas




This is a summary of your courses. All Math Courses fulfill NV Math Standards and State requirements. It’s also a good idea to mention that the specific requirements for materials or time commitment outside of class is important in finishing the courses.  With perseverance and reaching out to your Coach will enhance the learning experience, as well as, allow you to finish these courses in a reasonable amount of time!

CCAA Edmentum Math Courses

Nevada Pre-Algebra A v.2

(1 Section)


Nevada Pre-Algebra B

(1 Section)


PLATO Course Algebra 1, Semester A v7.0

(1 Section)

NV-202000D1_Algebra 1A_2020-2021_Ioane

PLATO Course Algebra 1, Semester B v7.0

(1 Section)

NV-202000D2_Algebra 1B_2020-2021_Ioane

PLATO Course Algebra 2, Semester A v6.0

(1 Section)

NV-209000D1_Algebra 2A_2020-2021_Ioane

PLATO Course Algebra 2, Semester B v6.0

(1 Section)

NV-209000D2_Algebra 2B_2020-2021_Ioane

PLATO Course Consumer Mathematics v2.0

(1 Section)

NV-235000D1_Consumer Mathematics_2020-2021_Fusaro

PLATO Course Financial Mathematics, Semester A

(1 Section)

NV-233000D1_Personal Financial Math A_2020-2021_Campbell

PLATO Course Financial Mathematics, Semester B

(1 Section)

NV-233000D2_Personal Financial Math B_2020-2021_Campbell

PLATO Course Geometry, Semester A v5.0

(1 Section)

NV-206000D1_Geometry A_2020-2021_Ioane

PLATO Course Geometry, Semester B v5.0

(1 Section)

NV-206000D2_Geometry B_2020-2021_Ioane