This is a summary of your courses. All Social Studies Courses fulfill NV Standards and State requirements. It’s also a good idea to mention that the specific requirements for materials or time commitment outside of class is important in finishing the courses.  With perseverance and reaching out to your Coach will enhance the learning experience, as well as, allow you to finish these courses in a reasonable amount of time!

CCAA Edmentum Social Studies Courses

CCAA African American Experience Semester B

(1 Section)

NV4564000D2_African American Exp. Sem. B_2020-2021_Niemitalo

CCAA African American Studies Semester A

(1 Section)

NV4564000D1_African American Exp. Sem. A_2020-21_Niemitalo

CCAA Contemporary Problems Semester A

(1 Section)

NV-445600D1_Contemp Problems A_2020-2021T_Niemitalo

CCAA Contemporary Problems Semester B

(1 Section)

NV-445600D1_Contemp Problems Semester B_2020-2021T_Niemitalo

CCAA Geography Semester A

(1 Section)

NV-402000D1_Geography Semester A_2020-2021_Niemitelo

CCAA Geography Semester B

(1 Section)

NV-402000D2_Geography Semester A_2020-2021_Niemitelo

CCAA Philosophy Semester A

(1 Section)

NV-453100D1_Intro to Philosophy_2020-2021_T.Niemitalo

CCAA Philosophy Semester B

(1 Section)

NV-453100D2_Intro to Philosophy B_2020-2021_T.Niemitalo

CCAA Psychology Semester A

(1 Section)

NV-454000D1_Psychology A_2020-2021_T.Niemitalo

CCAA Psychology Semester B

(1 Section)

NV-454000D2_Psychology B_2020-2021_T.Niemitalo

End date: July 31, 2021

CCAA Sociology Semester A

(1 Section)


CCAA Sociology Semester B

(1 Section)

NV-454800D2_Sociology Semester B_2020-2021_T.Niemitalo

CCAA US Government and Economics Semester A

(1 Section)

NV-4242000D1 U.S. Government & Economics_ Semester A_2020-2021_Niemitalo

CCAA US Government and Economics Semester B

(1 Section)

NV-4242000D2 U.S. Government & Economics_ Semester B_2020-2021_Niemitalo

PLATO Course US History, Semester A v2.0

(1 Section)

NV-416000D1_US History A_2020-2021_Niemitalo

PLATO Course US History, Semester B v2.0

(1 Section)

NV-416000D2_US History B_2020-2021_Niemitalo

PLATO Course World History, Semester A v3.0

(1 Section)

NV-408000D1_World History A_2020-2021_Niemitalo

PLATO Course World History, Semester B v3.0

(1 Section)

NV-408000D2_World History B_2020-2021_Niemitalo