Welcome to Your Science Course!

Welcome to Acceleration Academy! You are taking the 1st step to #Ownyoursuccess. My name is K. Skrutvold (Coach S) and I will be coaching you through your Science courses in your diploma program. Please be sure to:

1. Download the GC Navigator (information below) and Bookmark this Clever URL (the way you enter into your course).

2. Your credentials to GC Navigator should be kept here for safe keeping and access: This can be sent out to you again, so please keep this information!

● Username:______________

● Password:_______________

3. Download AA GC Navigator to your phone (In your App store)

GC Navigator Download for IPhone or

GC Navigator Download for Chrome/Android or

4. Read about taking tests in a Virtual environment

● If you need to ta

ke a Pretest, Mid-Term, Post Test or Semester Test, please choose the correct link for the day that you want to take the test. (All of the above named tests must be completed inside our VIRTUAL testing room. You ARE able to take all Mastery Tests on your own, outside of the Virtual Testing Room. I have added each of the links below on page 2 of this Welcome Letter. (Please save this, as you can click on any of the Blue links to enter the Testing Room)

If you have any questions, please do NOT hesitate to reach out to me.

My email is kskrutv

My phone number is for texting only, 702-339-8735, I don’t answer unknown #’s

I have sent you an invitation to my Google Classroom. Please look in your email and accept the invitation. Our Google Classroom has tons of resources like guided notes, ppts, videos, and text resources that will really help you with the content!

I am so excited to have you become a part of our CCAA family! Congratulations for taking the first step in earning your diploma!


Kris Skrutvold (Coach S)

CCAA Testing Room Links

(All GCs must enter the Testing Room to take any of the following Tests)

● Pretests

● Post Tests

● Mid Term Tests

● Semester Tests

GCs ARE able to take

Mastery Tests on their own, without entering the Testing Room.

● To enter the Testing Room, choose the correct current day and be sure that you are within the times listed.

● Click on the link (using your cell phone to enter the room is preferred, but you can be on your device and click on link if needed)

● You will be greet

ed, your test will be unlocked, and you will be monitored during your test.

● Please do not leave the Testing Room until your Test is complete and the Coach has dismissed you

● You must have your microphone and camera (so you are in the picture) on at all times

Monday’s and Wednesday’s 10am-6pm

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 9am-4:30pm

Friday’s 10am-4


Saturday’s 12pm-2pm

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