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How Long Can You Take Cialis After Expiration Date

Jun 20, 2018Most commonly, and as a general rule of thumb, the beyond use date (commonly listed as the expiration date on the prescription bottle) will be.

  • Feb 01, 2021The shelf life of Cialis or its expiration date is usually written on the packaging. So the safest way to ensure that Cialis is still good is to always read the original packaging..

  • Apr 02, 2022This will appear as a month-year combination and should read between 1-3 years from the date of purchase. This is because Cialis’ shelf life is approximately 1-3 years or 12-36.

  • Sep 28, 2017We did a little research and did not find any evidence that Cialis can be harmful if taken after the expiration date, it just might not be as effective. Having said that, we do.

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